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PlayStation VR has finally updated their YouTube app to play 360-degree videos, and we have to say that it’s...

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Amnesia Minesweeper Mod

Back in the stone age of computer gaming, there was a go-to hobby for those who just wanted to...

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South Korea World of Warcraft Cooking Show

A brand new cooking show has premiered in South Korea this year, and the twist on this piece of...

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Injustice 2 Beta

After the success of Injustice: Gods Among Us, fans have been left wondering if the story would continue on...

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Back in 2014, ZeniMax Media sued Oculus in a lawsuit claiming the company stole important, foundational elements for what...

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Patch 3.5

A brand new patch for Final Fantasy XIV has launched, and it comes chock-full of incredible goodies for gamers...

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Microsoft Australia

The ever growing list of nerdy collectibles gaming fans can get their hands on has just grown again with...

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With only two seasons left of the highly acclaimed series, Game of Thrones, this terrifyingly beautiful show finds itself...

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NES Classic shortage

Back in October, Nintendo released the NES Classic to hungry fans across the globe. That same day, stores country-wide...

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Back in 2011, plans for another Star Wars title had emerged to the general public eliciting excitement from fans...

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