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Marvel's Avengers Director Promises They "Didn't Forget About Hawkeye"

Over the past several years, Marvel has done a great job at instilling fans with the knowledge that, when...

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New Borderlands 2 DLC Seemingly Throws Shade At Former Claptrap Voice Actor

Whether Gearbox Software likes it or not, the Borderlands series is quickly becoming synonymous with the franchise’s first voice...

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Elden Ring Alloyed George R. R. Martin To "Unleash His Creativity"

Elden Ring had an impressive first reveal at E3 2019, showing off your typical From Software Souls-like cinematics with...

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Marvel's Avengers Features A Loot Rarity System

Despite its lukewarm reception in regards to character design, Marvel’s Avengers still has a whole lot of fans excited...

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Anthem Is Still A Priority, Says EA CEO

BioWare truly did something special with Anthem, launching an incredibly fun free-flying experience wrapped in a package that combines...

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Final Fantasy VIII Remastered Will Have Battle Enhancements, PC Exclusive Features

Square Enix made some pretty massive waves during its presentation at E3 2019. While much of the focus was...

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Sony Was The Third Most Popular Publisher At E3 2019 Despite Not Being There

Last year, Sony made the surprise decision to pull out from E3 2019, marking the first time one of...

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The Outer Worlds Lets Players Become The Villain

Obsidian Entertainment’s The Outer Worlds is very quickly turning into what fans would expect from a Fallout game…if it...

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Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order Will Keep Violence Censored For Disney

Microsoft’s Xbox Briefing that was held just prior to E3 2019 was chock full of exciting trailers and reveals,...

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Final Fantasy VII Remake: Turns Out Tifa's Boobs Didn't Get Smaller

For a long time, the Final Fantasy VII Remake seemed like a pipe dream. In part because a few...

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