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DOTA 2: The Dueling Fates

After a six month-long hiatus since its last major update, Valve’s DOTA 2 is finally getting some new content....

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Gran Turismo Players upset over single-player save functions

Many readers will remember the good old days of dropping quarters into car racing games, whether they be located...

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Final Fantasy XV: Comrades delayed

Those of us looking forward to Square Enix’s upcoming Final Fantasy XV multiplayer expansion – Comrades – are going to...

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Twitch Streamer beats Dark Souls 3

The Dark Souls series is infamously known for its merciless, brutal difficulty. That said, when has that ever stopped gamers before?...

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Final Fantasy XIV: All Saints' Wake

Square Enix has announced the official return of Final Fantasy XIV’s yearly Halloween event, All Saints’ Wake. Not unlike...

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Killing Floor 2: Halloween Horrors

A sizable update has arrived on Steam for Killing Floor 2, marking Tripwire Interactive’s newest seasonal update to the zombie...

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Visceral's Star Wars Game

Just a few hours ago Electronic Arts (EA) made the surprising decision to shut down its EA Visceral studio....

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PUBG Climbing and Vaulting coming soon

Earlier in the year, developer Bluehole promised that its massively popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds would exit Steam’s early...

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Nintendo Switch Eshop

Nintendo has released a new batch of games for the Nintendo Switch Eshop this past week, which should excite...

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Naughty Dog responds to sexual harassment allegations

Naughty Dog has released a statement in response to a series of Tweets made by a former employee yesterday...

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