For Honor’s Ban Hammer Begins to Strike XP Farmers, World Rejoices

Ban Hammer

Everybody has been in a game with an XP Farmer. You know the type, the ones sitting in the starting zone just spinning in circles. The ones not doing anything for your team but somehow get the best rewards from the match. Players generally either ignore them or hate them. In For Honor – AFK Farmers are quite common, at least for now. It seems Ubisoft is not a fan and they are breaking out the glorious golden Ban Hammer to smite those who dare defy their laws.

Ban Hammer

XP Farming is a cheat, the same as the likes of exploits and aimbots. If you haven’t heard or seen a Farmer, they will essentially find a way to do minimal amounts of effort and still reap the rewards of a match. For example, some Farmers use rubber bands wrapped around a joystick to keep the character moving so as not to be kicked for being AFK. Of course, that means these players aren’t contributing to their team in any way, kind of taking the ‘honor’ out of For Honor.

The Terms and Conditions as well as the Code of Conduct are the laws of that game. By breaking that ‘law’, it goes to follow that offenders will be punished. According to a For Honor Reddit post, AFK Farming is a serious crime to Ubisoft. They can and will bring down the hammer on all who stand in the way of their outlined code of ethics:

We communicated earlier this month about how we’re fighting AFK farming and how the For Honor team takes this issue very seriously. A first wave of warnings has been sent earlier last week, and the first wave of banning was performed today. Also, a new wave of warnings has been sent simultaneously.

In today’s wave, around 1 500 players got a 3-Days ban for doing AFK farming. Around 4 000 new AFK farmers got detected and will receive a warning.

This is not a practice that is uncommon, and Ubisoft is not the only company to crack down on this. Not following the code of conduct of the game will be met with repercussions. In the case of For Honor, players receive a warning first. Continuing their cheating ways results in the glorious golden ban hammer bringing down the justice the player deserves. Players will then receive an email stating the reasons behind the ban.

What has been your experience with cheaters? Any other issues you’ve come across in For Honor? Let us know in the comment section below. As always don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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