For Honor Player Spots Mortal Kombat Easter Egg Hidden in Plain Sight

Now that For Honor is upon us, we’re sure you are all chomping at the bit for that next brutal kill. One might even say you are aiming to rack up…

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For Honor Launch Trailer

For Honor Launch Trailer Showcases Brutality Players Will Face (VIDEO)

Great Odin’s raven… For Honor is nearly upon us! On the tail end of the open beta, and just a couple days away from its release, Ubisoft unveiled a For Honor…

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for honor season pass

For Honor’s Season Pass Includes Six New Heroes – Full Details Here(VIDEO)

In a recently released video, Ubisoft has detailed the season pass for the upcoming fighter For Honor, revealing a number of new fighters, gear, and other customizations. The video also goes on…

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Buy an Nvidia Graphics Card, Get For Honor Or Ghost Recon: Wildlands Free!

With the high quality content developers are churning out for their fans in this day and age, its no surprise for gamers to find it pertinent to upgrade their hardware…

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For Honor: A Look at the Medieval History behind the Factions and Classes

Since the dawn of time, mankind has found a reason for violence and with that, battle and warfare became the natural progression. Over the ages, conflict bred civilization and warfare…

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horizon zero dawn february 2017

Here’s the Full List of Games Releasing in February 2017

January saw the reinvigoration of the Resident Evil game franchise, as well as the bridging chapter in the Kingdom Hearts story. Sill, February has a pretty nice lineup of games ahead…

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Salvation or Judgement? For Honor Spotlights the Valkyrie and the Lawbringer (VIDEO)

Ubisoft’s newest IP has quickly become one of 2017’s most highly anticipated games. For Honor revolutionizes the way player vs player combat takes place by putting the players in a…

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Apollyon Collectors Edition

For Honor Reveals the Awe Inspiring Apollyon Collectors Edition

Set in a dire landscape scarce of resources, three medieval factions struggle for dominance and the means to survive. The newest IP from Ubisoft brings players to a battleground unlike…

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For Honor Peacekeeper

Meet “The Peacekeeper” – For Honor Newest Gameplay Trailer Drops Plus How to Sign Up for the Beta (VIDEO)

Ubisoft has released a new gameplay trailer featuring the silent, but deadly Peacekeeper of the Knight Faction from its upcoming game, For Honor. “When the wars end, it is the…

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Latest ‘For Honor’ Trailer Drops – “Top” Moments from Hilarious Alpha Footage (VIDEO)

Ubisoft’s newest IP takes players on a medieval PvP (Player vs. Player) adventure fully equipped with awesome swords and sweet, sweet moves. With the recent completion of the game’s Alpha,…

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