Honor Patch

Upcoming For Honor Patch To Commemorate The Passing Of Community Member

If games do one thing well it’s bringing people together and a solid community can build new friendships, strengthen old ones, and sometimes even lead to love. There are few things…

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For Honor

For Honor: Marching Fire Trailer, Breach Gameplay, And More Revealed At E3 2018 (VIDEO)

Ubisoft brought quite a bit with them to this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo. From the stunning reveal of a returning character in Beyond Good and Evil 2, to The Division…

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Ubisoft E3 2018

Ubisoft E3 2018 – Full Recap Of The Games Revealed (VIDEO)

Even with quite a few leaks beforehand, Ubisoft had a pretty exciting E3 presentation ahead of them and seemed keen to deliver in all respects. Among the reveals that took place, Assassin’s…

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For Honor Patch

Newest For Honor Patch Improves Faction War, Fixes UI Bugs, And More

Ubisoft has announced an upcoming patch for their hit hack-and-slash fighting game For Honor, which include tons improvements to the title as a whole. In this For Honor Patch, many…

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Big Assassin’s Creed Origins January Update Brings First Expansion

The latest title in the Assassin’s Creed franchis has been out for over 2 months now, and Ubisoft isn’t slowing down with bringing fresh content to the game. In the…

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For Honor Season 4 Begins – Featuring New Classes, Maps, Gear, And More

For Honor season 4 is finally here with all new game modes and original character classes added to the game. This season titled “Order & Havoc” brings with it a new…

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New For Honor Trailer Highlights Features of the Brand New 4v4 Tribute Mode (VIDEO)

Many changes, additions, and updates have made itself available for For Honor since its first hit the gaming scene in February. At first, there was a lot of fuss and…

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Grudge & Glory – For Honor Season 3 Announced Bringing New Heroes, Maps, and More (VIDEO)

Despite a few hiccups post-launch and conflicting reviews for Ubisoft’s PvP title For Honor, that hasn’t stopped the company from contentiously building onto the game to create a better experience…

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more heroes

For Honor Finally Delivers on Dedicated Servers Promise – Plus More Changes Ahead for Seasons 3-4

It’s been a rocky road for Ubisoft’s PvP title For Honor with policy changes, choppy gameplay, and a few other grievances since the game’s launch. With rotating seasons and a…

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For Honor patch

Ubisoft to Implement Rage Quit Penalties in Next For Honor Patch (VIDEO)

People who rage quit can sometimes put a damper on players’ experiences. For those who aren’t in the know, rage quitting is when a a gamer becomes so angry that they…

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