Iron Banner Returns

Iron Banner Returns and More in New Destiny Update

While Destiny fans await the more narrative-focused updates that various signs have been pointing to be in the works at Bungie, various other updates have been providing a variety of…

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There’s a Few New Job Postings for Destiny 2 That Hint at a Stronger Narrative

When Bungie first announced the first Destiny, FPS fans world-wide were incredibly excited to see what the giants behind Halo would come up with. That excitement quickly became watered down…

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Destiny Funko Pop Figures Announced for Next Year – Plus Even More Games Get Funko-fied

Since 2014, Destiny has been gaining steam in the gaming community and will be enjoying even more add-ons in the future. With any popular franchise comes a host of collectibles…

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‘Classified’ Destiny Items May Hint at New Content to Come Soon

Destiny 2 is destined to come out by Fall of next year, but that’s quite some time to wait even with Rise of Iron’s release a few months ago. The…

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Developer High Moon Studios Lend Design Talent to Destiny + Additional Details on The Dawning (Update 2.5.0)

Destiny 2 is in the works, PSX revealed a new Destiny holiday event called The Dawning (Update 2.5.0), Sparrow Racing makes its’ way back to the game, and here comes…

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Cameron Lee

BioWare’s Lead Producer Cameron Lee Jumps Ship and Joins Bungie

On December 6th, ex-BioWare producer, Cameron Lee, announced that he has joined Bungie Studios as an executive producer for an upcoming project. The speculation is that Lee may have been brought in…

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Additional Content Planned for Destiny After Holidays

Destiny players have a lot to be thankful for right now, or at least the will soon, as Bungie has stated that they will be bringing additional content to the…

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Destiny 2 is Still in the Works According to CEO Eric Hirshberg

There have been rumors regarding the second installment of Destiny for a while now. Unsurprisingly, fans keep hearing news about a 2017 launch without an actual date, and look at…

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Bungie Warns DDOS Cheaters: “We Take Cheating Very Seriously”

In their official blog post this week, Destiny developer Bungie addressed recent complaints from fans with regard to some players cheating, specifically by means of DDOS (Denial of Service) attack within…

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