Steam Summer Sale 2018 Is Upon Us

Summer is upon us. Heat waves threaten crops. UV rays cause skin cancer. And the annual Steam Summer Sale devours our savings and credit. Gamers everywhere simultaneously cry tears of joy and sorrow once again. We hope you prepared your wallets and wishlists for this moment.

Steam began its Summer Sale today, which will continue for two weeks until July 5th. Steam chose an Intergalactic theme for this sale and launched a meta game along with it. In this year’s game, Saliens, players hold the line against invading enemies as a customizable Salien. Playing Saliens earns you Badges, Trading Cards, and the chance to win free games. Steam has promised that you can keep your Salien long after the sale ends as a memento of your participation.

Given the space theme, this instant classic feels extra appropriate this year.

Fear Darth Gaben. Hail Darth Gaben.

With hundreds of titles going on sale, just about every beloved series received a major discount on at least one title. Portal 2 checks in at $1.99, while Fallout 3 and New Vegas can be yours at the comparatively exorbitant price of $9.99. No matter what you’re into, Steam has your back (and a substantial portion of your paycheck). Unlike previous sales, all titles will be discounted for the entirety of the Summer Sale.

Some other discounted games include:

The sale doesn’t apply exclusively to software, either. The Steam Link and Controller Bundle is down 67%, while the Link alone comes in at a whopping 95% off. All controller skins are currently available for a dollar as well.

This marks the fourth major Steam Sale of 2018, following Winter, Lunar New Year, and Star Wars specials. That doesn’t include any Steam Weekend Sales. One could argue that the frequency of these discounts means Steam could afford to lower its standard prices. However, nobody should be upset that some incredible games can be theirs for a song. The good certainly outweighs the bad by a considerable amount when Summer Sales roll into town.

What say you, gamers? Which games on your wishlist received Gabe’s blessing? How much are you prepared to spend this Summer Sale? Let us know in the comments, and don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for more gaming news!

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