Huge Ubisoft Games Sale This Weekend On Steam, Up To 75% Off

Steam is known for having great sales going on for PC titles. Sometimes, it’s a week long sale on random popular titles and other times it’s publisher specific – like…

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Tomb Raider Trilogy remasters

Tomb Raider Trilogy Remasters Canceled, Dev Cuts Ties With Square Enix

The Tomb Raider Trilogy remasters were a big deal for Lara Croft’s massive fan base, targeting the iconic three titles for a complete overhaul on Steam. The announcement earlier this month that…

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Warframe 5th Anniversary Celebration

Warframe 5th Anniversary Celebration Includes Free Excalibur Skin And Special Weapon Alerts (VIDEO)

The Warframe 5th anniversary celebration is finally here, commemorating five years of people running around as space Ninjas engaging in space Ninja hijinks, while being lovingly watched over by Space Mom…

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Tomb Raider Remasters

Tomb Raider Remasters of First Three Games Coming To PC

The Tomb Raider franchise has found new growth in recent years, both commercially and creatively. The new reboot of the series brought a greater emotional weight to Lara Croft in…

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Neverwinter Nights: Enhanced Edition Launching Later This Month (Squee!)

Neverwinter Nights. Man, let me tell you. This game was one of the biggest reasons why I have been so loyal to BioWare through the years. Sure, the Mass Effect…

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Valve Is “Going To Start Shipping Games Again,” Says Gabe Newell

Many gamers know Valve as the company that created the immensely popular digital distribution service Steam. It’s where the majority of PC players get their fix, and when the seasonal…

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N. Sane Trilogy Xbox One

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy Xbox One and PC Versions Confirmed

The internet was set ablaze when Nintendo aired their latest Direct presentation. Not only did we learn that Super Smash Bros. would be making its grand entrance into the ring…

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Crytek Reveals Hunt: Showdown PC Requirements, Early Access Now Available (VIDEO)

Known for their work on the original Far Cry, Crysis series, and many others, Crytek has been hard at work developing their latest project – Hunt: Showdown. Just last month…

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New PUBG Map

New PUBG Map Expected To Arrive “In The First Half Of 2018”

It seems as if it were not too long ago that fans were wondering when a new PUBG map would arrive. Now that a couple months have passed since the…

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Orwell Ignorance is Strength

‘Orwell Ignorance Is Strength’ Unveils Much Darker Second Season (VIDEO)

Taking inspiration from the circulation of “fake news,” Osmotic Studios is constructing an even deeper and more intense game than their first. With an abundance of Orwellian themes, Orwell Ignorance…

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