Valve CEO Gabe Newell Delivers Steam Decks In-Person (VIDEO)

Valve CEO Gabe Newell

Valve has earned its way towards the top of the gaming industry, pivoting from its start as a developer to a digital gaming platform and hardware creator. Valve’s Steam platform has held a strong, but mostly fair, hold on the PC gaming market for over a decade now, and its foray into hardware has grown steadily. The company’s newest step into hardware came in the form of Steam Deck, a handheld PC device leagues more powerful than the Nintendo Switch. Demand for the device and other reasons delayed its release until this year, but now, Valve CEO Gabe Newell is on hand to personally deliver the first units.

Valve released a new video on its official YouTube account to celebrate the launch of the new handheld device. The video begins with Valve CEO Gabe Newell talking with a Valve representative who has been in contact with customers that live near Valve headquarters that have pre-ordered a Steam Deck. Newell is then seen wearing a delivery employee’s outfit, signing these first Steam Deck units in Valve’s delivery vehicle. The process then begins with Newell and the camera crew knocking on the first lucky customer’s door to deliver their Steam Deck in person. The CEO even gives his email address for the fan to provide feedback on the device.

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The process continues with the Valve CEO walking up to customers’ houses to present the Steam Decks. Some recognize Newell, even with a face mask on, and are shocked that the tech giant has graced their domain. Others don’t seem to recognize him and are confused as to why the camera crew is present. Newell further solidifies his interest in customer feedback, claiming he checks his email account often and reads every email that comes in. While the Steam Deck has been a long time coming, it is good to see that Newell is willing to give the launch a personal touch to reflect his company’s commitment to customer service. Here’s hoping the Steam Deck lives up to that devotion.

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