Skyrim Very Special Edition Makes Hilarious Debut At E3 (VIDEO)

Skyrim Very Special Edition

Anyone who knows Bethesda knows that they’ve been milking Skyrim for all its worth. At their E3 presentation this year they revealed a new version of the game, Skyrim Very Special Edition, that pokes fun at the fan reaction to their attention to the open-world RPG. Featuring Keegan-Michael Key, this video is a must-see for fans.

Skyrim Very Special Edition moves to a new future version that transcends gaming experiences. Key engages Alexa for a game of Skyrim in a table-top like experience that includes an incredible Fus Ro Dah, a cheese wheel eating extravaganza, and more! See for yourself in the video below:

Bethesda didn’t stop there, however, revealing that Skyrim Very Special Edition would be coming to Etch-a-sketch, Motorola Pagers, and Samsung Refrigerators. The Samsung version appears to even interact with the ice dispenser, an incredible AR feature to an already epic game. All kidding aside, there was some big news to hit E3 2018 for Elder Scrolls fans.

More updates to Elder Scrolls Online made an appearance, and a mobile game called Elder Scrolls Blades was also featured, giving players the chance to play a new version of the game on Mobile. Even more exciting is the fact that Bethesda revealed Elder Scrolls VI, a game fans have been anticipating for YEARS. While little was revealed about the title, the fact that Bethesda is working on it is fantastic in the extreme.

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