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Fans of the Kingdom Hearts franchise have waited 14 years for the next installment to drop. The game finally launched today, and reviews indicate they are pleased with the game and its complex story. But what about the next generation of gamers? Most first year high school students weren’t alive when the previous title launched. With Kingdom Hearts III now available, gamers don’t have time to play through the first two titles. Thankfully, new set of videos aims to catch those new players up to speed before they dive into the new game.

The Kingdom Hearts III YouTube channel recently added a series of short videos called Memory Archives. The five videos were previously available in Japanese, but they have since uploaded English versions as well. The series sums up the franchise’s intricate plot succinctly without sacrificing any necessary details. Of course, they can’t get into too much depth in a few short minutes. The Kingdom Hearts storyline is extensive and weaving through worlds and timelines. Still, this series is an excellent way to get to find out what you’re getting into.

Here’s the first video in the series:

Ironically, people trying to get to know the story of Kingdom Hearts III caused serious problems. A seemingly infinite stream of spoilers hit the internet, causing developers to rethink their launch strategies for the future. As a result, Square Enix actually withheld the game’s epilogue cutscene to prevent players from knowing too much.

As for the Memory Archives, I wish more games utilized YouTube for this purpose. Assassin’s Creed immediately comes to mind as a franchise that would benefit from well-made recap videos. We’ll see if the series inspires more franchises to create similar videos for new players.

Kingdom Hearts III is now available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Square Enix already posted its day one patch, which included the aforementioned cutscene. You can check out the Memory Archives series right here.

Have you played Kingdom Hearts III yet? Are you going to watch the Memory Archives? Let us know what you think in the comments below! And for more gaming news and updates, be sure to follow DFTG on Facebook and Twitter!

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