Todd Howard Is Getting Trolled Hard By Bethesda Fans Online

While it is certainly not the first time Todd Howard has been in the crosshairs of fans looking to make a joke, it doesn’t stop anyone from going after him…

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Bethesda’s Pete Hines Boasts A “Healthy Number” Of New Projects To Be Revealed At E3

This year’s E3 will continue the hype train for Bethesda follow last year’s impressive line-up.  According to the Senior Vice President of Marketing, Pete Hines,  the company will have a…

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Kingdom Come Deliverance Epilogue

Kingdom Come Deliverance Epilogue Delves Into The Game’s Difficulties At Launch (VIDEO)

Fans of the recent hyper-realistic RPG set in medieval times are no strangers to the issues experienced during the launch of the game. While the developers are already working hard…

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Skyrim VR Can Already Enable Mods – Here’s How To Get Started (VIDEO)

One can’t simply play Skyrim without mods. Well, technically, one can, but the gameplay experience could be that much better with a few user interface tweaks and convenient modifications. However,…

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Jeff Goldblum Impersonates

Jeff Goldblum Impersonates Characters from Skyrim, Mass Effect, and Other Video Games (VIDEO)

Jeff Goldblum has been a perennial favorite obsession for the internet for quite a while now, but actions from him in recent months have only increased his favor with web…

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The Elder Scrolls Exist In Real Life And Every Detail Is Just Phenomenal (VIDEO)

The Elder Scrolls may not have the same power here as compared to the world of Skyrim for example, but this is certainly as real as it gets. As the…

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Stunning Beyond Skyrim Mod Trailer Unveils Morrowind’s Breathtaking Landscapes (VIDEO)

For many fans of open-world RPG games, there is no better place to get lost than in the world of Tamriel (of course, getting lost tends to be how the…

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Bethesda E3 2018 Showcase Date And Time Announced With Spectacular Trailer (VIDEO)

The spectacular Bethesda E3 showcase is back once again for 2018. Last year, the revealed was dubbed Bethesdaland and with it revealed a “wild ride” in store for attendees of the…

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Latest Skyblivion Trailer Demonstrates Cyrodiil’s Glory Re-Made in Skyrim (VIDEO)

In this new trailer for the Skyblivion project, fans take a look at all of the hard work the team has been conducting to bring the world of Oblivion into…

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Jawa Companion

New Skyrim Mod Gives Players A Functional Jawa Companion (GALLERY)

That anticipated time of the year has arrived, and all our gathering with cheer. No, not the holidays – for the release of the new Star Wars: The Last Jedi…

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