This Spider-Man Skyrim Mod Is The Stuff Of Nightmares (VIDEO)

If it isn’t obvious by now we love our Bethesda mods at DFTG. Big or small, we’re there for it. So imagine our excitement when word swung in that there was…

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Fallout 76 Officially Has Dragons (VIDEO)

‘Fallout 76’ Officially Has Dragons (VIDEO)

When one thinks of Bethesda’s Fallout series, one does not typically come up with the word ‘dragon’ when picturing post-apocalyptic wastelands, Pip-Boys, and Nuka Colas as far as the eye…

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Battle For Azeroth Lands In Tamriel With Skyrim Mod

With World of Warcraft’s Battle for Azeroth well underway fans are not only delving into the latest expansion, but also finding ways to express their love for the franchise. One mod team has…

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Fallout New California

Fallout New California Team Shows Off Their Unique Soundtrack

Bethesda modding groups may be the most ambitious groups out there. With hordes of expansive Skyrim mods coming and a list of mods for Fallout that add tons of new…

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Skyrim Mod

Skyrim Mod Enderal Coming Soon To Steam, Won’t Interfere With Saves

German team SureAI released their Skyrim mod dubbed Enderal in 2016, introducing players to a unique story and setting. This total conversion mod features a separate setting from the main game with…

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Fallout 4 Mod Gives Synths Stunning New Look (VIDEO)

Fallout 4 mods are not only a fantastic way for players to add new content to an already amazing game, they can refine the familiar and put a great new…

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Skyrim Mod “The Island” Turns The RPG Into A Survival Game

Skyrim is a vast land filled with places to explore and secrets to uncover. From snow covered peaks, to mystical underground caverns. While there’s a strong sense of wonder and…

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This Skyrim Mod Lets You Love Yourself, Literally

There are plenty of characters to romance within Skyrim – from your faithful, albeit annoying, Housecarl Lydia, to the likes of the wonderful and vengeful Muiri, even the Imperial Spellcaster…

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Female Dragonborn Statue Is Available And Affordable! (VIDEO)

Get your Fus Ro Dah on with this newly unveiled Dragonborn statue from ThinkGeek. For the first time ever, it’s not the standard male warrior, but a ferocious woman instead!…

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This Fallout 4 Mod Offers Incredible Skyrim-Inspired Power Armor Suits (VIDEO)

Few titles stir the imagination like Elder Scrolls and The Elder Scrolls. Bethesda’s flagship franchises have earned unfathomable sums of cash for the company. They may be the two most…

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