Sea Of Thieves Receiving Private Crews In Response To Brig Misuse

Private Crews

Sea of Thieves has a wonderful feature which allows players to vote to lock another in the brig. While some players use this as a joke to lock unruly friends in, there has been quite a bit of misuse when playing with random people. In order to combat this, Rare devs have decided to implement private crews to limit some of this rude behavior as well as give players some new matchmaking behavior updates.

When a player is locked in the brig, they are stuck there until the rest of the crew votes to let them out or they leave the instance they’re in. Many are using this to lock random players out of play forcing them to quit or wait until they’re let out. A recent blog post from Rare executive producer Joe Neate explains a few of the main reasons behind locking somebody in the brig.

The most common of these we have seen are to hold a slot, either because they want to play as a private crew or because they want to play with people with mics/people speaking the same language.”

Neate also explains that with the addition of private crews, players will be able to mamage the amount of people they want on their ships which hopefully lessens the misuse of this mechanic. As an added bonus, this will allow players to choose to take a galleon with a smaller crew or a loop with a larger one.

Private Crews

Brig misuse aside, players don’t have any control over who they connect with in public matchmaking aside from joining or creating crews with friends. The developers hope to change this by matching players by language and mic status giving them making crew communication a little bit easier.

We are working on automatically matchmaking by microphone status. The game already detects if you have a microphone plugged in, and matchmaking will now prioritise matching you via your mic status… We will be adding the option to filter by language for matchmaking so players can find other players who speak the same language to crew up with.”

The post also mentions various other issues the team is currently aware of, such as cheating within the game and are working on readjusting the roadmap for their post-launch content. Sea of Thieves is available and cross-playable between PC and Xbox One. Let us know your thoughts on the private crews and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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