Stan Lee Opens Up About His Experience With Elder Abuse

Stan Lee Opens Up About His Experience With Elder Abuse

Earlier this year, it was reported that comic book legend Stan Lee was the victim of on-going elder abuse by those closest to him. In a situation that could only be described as “messy,” both his daughter J.C. Lee and his former caretaker, Keya Morgan, were pointing the finger at each other slinging accusations of elder abuse, with the outside world watching and unable to provide succor to the man who is in no small part responsible for the modern day Superhero.

Now that Stan Lee is finally out of the proverbial fire and in the care of his daughter, the family lawyer, a bodyguard and a home aid, Lee has opened up about his recent experiences. In a recent interview with The Daily Beast, Lee was asked whether or not he felt that his legacy was secure, he answered “Absolutely.” “I learned later on in life,” Lee begins, “you need advisors if you’re making any money at all. I did everything myself. The first years of my career when I wrote Super Rabbit, and when I wrote all those characters, and I wrote the Hulk — I handled everything. I paid all the bills, I did all the bookkeeping, I handled everything.”

But then, a little money started coming in, and I realized I needed help. And I needed people I could trust. And I had made some big mistakes. And my first bunch of people were people that I shouldn’t have trusted.”

For the sake of his health, Stan Lee has since stopped holding public autograph signings, and has limited the amount of private signings to how he’s feeling in regards to his health. With his former caretaker Keya Morgan no longer having a detrimental affect on Stan Lee’s life (Morgan was issued a restraining order back in july), we can only hope that the comic book legend has nothing but smooth sailing ahead of him.

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