PUBG Clans Could Be Coming Soon, According To Dataminer

PUBG Clans

The craze over battle royale mode games continues strong, and PUBG continues to find ways to bring its players back for more competitive fun. The PUBG corporation has been generous with new features and new content, such as a Walking Dead crossover event, that helps continue to breathe new life into the game. One thing that many fans have wanted to see implemented into the PC and console versions of the game has been the inclusion of clans. PUBG clans have been available on mobile for some time now, and according to one dataminer, it may finally be coming to PC and console.

Known dataminer PlayerIGN recently shared their latest findings on their official Twitter account. Their findings in the game’s source code seemed to indicate that the PUBG clans system from the mobile version of the game released last year should be coming to the other versions of the game soon. Based on the findings, creating a clan will cost 5,000 battle points, with the clan name being limited to 2-15 characters, and only 2-4 characters for the tag.

PUBG Clans

These clans would also supposedly only allow for up to 20 members, which is somewhat small compared to other games. With this limitation, the mention of “recruits” and “resumes” in the Data may point to a feature that lets candidates for a clan submit a resume of their qualifications to clan leaders. Also seen are “No Clan” labels for leaderboards, meaning that clans might be able to be linked with the game’s ranking system. Many players would certainly love the option to form a clan, and hopefully new friendships are formed in such clans that lead to real life friendly chicken dinners together as a clan fam.

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