Overwatch Voice Actors Discuss Fandom, Community and Cosplaying (VIDEO)

Overwatch Voice Actors

The Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo, or C2E2, has made a significant push in the past few years to bring more voice actors to the annual event, so fans can meet the voices behind their favorite animated characters. One game with a rich cast of beloved characters is Overwatch, so naturally, C2E2 invited Overwatch voice actors Jennifer Hale, Lucie Pohl and Carolina Ravassa (the voices of Ashe, Mercy and Sombra, respectively) to come to the 2019 event. A panel was hosted by the SyFy network to ask the trio their thoughts about fan interactions, the Overwatch community and even about the wild world of cosplay.

As seen on SyFy’s official YouTube channel, the Overwatch voice actors panel saw the ladies behind Ashe, Mercy and Sombra come together to talk about their experiences. The three immediately began complimenting the Overwatch community for being so welcoming, and acknowledging one of the game’s newest family members, the legendary Jennifer Hale as Ashe. Lucie Pohl talked about welcoming Hale to the Overwatch family, saying:

” It was so cool that Jennifer came into Overwatch, because I had met (to Hale) you doing conventions and now we get to officially say we’re a family. Before it was like ‘Is it too soon to say I really like her so much. She’s so cool’? Now, officially, she can’t get away from us.”

This lovely sentiment was immediately followed with Ravassa pointing out that a cosplayer in the audience was wearing an elaborate cosplay of Ashe’s robotic companion B.O.B., to which Hale shouted her character’s signature phrase “B.O.B., do something!” It wasn’t just fan cosplayers that were discussed and highlighted during the panel. Ravassa recently delighted fans by displaying a Sombra cosplay of her own crafted to her measurements by Melanie Jasmine Cosplay. She also got to wear the cosplay to a convention and regaled the audience with one hilarious interaction that occurred:

“There’s a moment where a group of kids, one of them is like *takes exasperated breaths* and her friends are like ‘Whatever dude, it’s a Sombra cosplayer.’ And she’s like geeking out, and we’re taking picutres and she goes ‘Guys, this is REALLY Sombra!” And then they all geeked out. It was interesting and cute to watch those interactions. A lot of people did not recognize me as the voice actress, but they liked the cosplay, so it was fun to play with both sides.”

The other Overwatch voice actors are asked if they would also join Ravassa in the time honored tradition of cosplay, to which Hale suggested maybe at the next Blizzcon and Pohl jokingly said she would need surgical augmentation first. Returning back to their original craft of choice, when asked about the process of voice acting, Ravassa was quick to reference the sheer number of voice acting credits Jennifer Hale has had over her career, especially in video games specifically. When asked about what made the Overwatch experience different from all of those, Hale had this to say:

“I think the community is pretty singular. You guys are pretty special, and the way Blizzard listens to that is pretty special. The drive for inclusivity and expansion and a good quality community, it’s just an amazing privilege to be a part of that.”

The Overwatch voice actors panel continues on with various stories about fan interactions, ranging from the silly request to sign a baby onesie whilst the baby is wearing it to the wholesome gratitude of latinx fans happy to see their culture represented through Sombra, and ends with what the actors want with the future of the series. The three all agree they want an animated Overwatch series, and encouraged fans to send requests for this on social media to everyone, from Jeff Kaplan to Netflix to your mom. Hale, Ravassa and Pohl all show that they are deeply appreciative of the fans and the experience they’ve had with Overwatch, and hope fans and Blizzard continue to DO SOMETHING with the franchise in the future. What did you guys think about this Overwatch voice actors panel? Let us know in the comments below!

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