Overwatch: Support Breast Cancer Research With A New Limited-Time Only Mercy Skin (VIDEO)

Blizzard Entertainment has become widely known for its vast array of characters each from different walks of life all over the world. Overwatch’s Mercy is a healer and a hero…

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Overwatch PTR patch

Latest Overwatch PTR Patch Tests New Changes For Sombra, Doomfist, & More (VIDEO)

Overwatch’s top guru Jeff Kaplan took to YouTube to drop the details on the latest update coming to the public test realm. In this developer update, Kaplan discusses Sombra, Doomfist,…

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Overwatch Nerfs Junkrat

Overwatch Nerfs Junkrat And What Even Is Life Anymore?

When Overwatch nerfs Junkrat, things have spiraled out of control and there is no longer any order. Mercy changes are to be expected these days, (speaking of which, she totally…

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Overwatch PTR Update

Latest Overwatch PTR Update Nerfs Mercy And Other Changes

Blizzard just released the Overwatch PTR Update notes, which details the changes they plan to bring to the popular FPS. It should be no surprise to any fans of the…

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Overwatch Game Director Jeff Kaplan Discusses The Many Mercy PTR Changes

Mercy has seen a lot of changes come and go from the Public Test Realm since Overwatch launched last year and it seems like, just as players start to adjust…

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Overwatch Hero Moira’s Origin Story Debunks Popular Fan Theory

The latest Overwatch hero Moira O’Deorain created ripples across the community with her introduction to the roster, and it looks like her origin story has done the same within the…

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More Mercy Changes

More Mercy Changes Make Their Way To Overwatch’s Public Test Realm

Blizzard’s Overwatch is in a constant state of changing and evolving into something that players want to keep coming back for more. At least, that is surely what the development…

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mercy concept art

This Gender-Bent Mercy Concept Art Has Captured The Internet’s Heart

If there’s anything in this world that gamers can count on, it’s got to be that Overwatch fans will always go that extra mile to turn every little thing to…

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New Overwatch patch

New Overwatch Patch Changes Up Mercy, Lucio, And Cultist Zenyatta

With Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror 2017 event in full swing, players are taking on hordes and opposing gamers to get their hands on some of the sweet loot available. With the…

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Mercy Nerf

Mercy Nerf Currently Being Tested in Overwatch’s PTR

The balance within Blizzard’s Overwatch can be a bit tricky at times, often leaving certain characters to be overpowered or too weak. The latest update to hit the Public Test…

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