New Overwatch patch

New Overwatch Patch Changes Up Mercy, Lucio, And Cultist Zenyatta

With Overwatch‘s Halloween Terror 2017 event in full swing, players are taking on hordes and opposing gamers to get their hands on some of the sweet loot available. With the…

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Mercy Nerf

Mercy Nerf Currently Being Tested in Overwatch’s PTR

The balance within Blizzard’s Overwatch can be a bit tricky at times, often leaving certain characters to be overpowered or too weak. The latest update to hit the Public Test…

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New Overwatch Update

New Overwatch Update Activates Junkertown, D.Va/Mercy Overhauls, and More – Full Patch Notes

The newest Overwatch update has officially hit PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Junkertown has finally come to the main game as well as overhauls for both D.Va and Mercy….

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This XCOM 2 Mod Brings Overwatch’s Mercy Into War of the Chosen – Check it Out!

A lot of praise has been heard from fans of the latest expansion for XCOM 2: War of the Chosen. It seems that everyone has something nice to say about…

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Overwatch's Mercy

Major Changes Coming to Overwatch’s Mercy – New Ultimate on its Way, Heroes Never Die? (VIDEO)

Overwatch’s healer extraordinaire is getting overhauled by Blizzard developers in the coming future. The game’s director Jeff Kaplan appeared in the latest developer update to give fans a taste of…

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Overwatch’s Mercy Gets a Minor Nerf to Her Ultimate in PTR (VIDEO)

As a Mercy main, the news of an undocumented nerf to her Ultimate ability in the Public Test Realm was a bit of a shock, but do not fret little…

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Leaked Overwatch Insurrection Trailer Shows Off New Event Plus New Skins! (VIDEO)

Blizzard’s Overwatch is a popular shooter that took the gaming world by storm. No one, not even the developers, anticipated how much this title would take off in terms of…

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Overwatch Voice Actor

Overwatch Voice Actor says Genji/Mercy would be “Hot as F*ck”

If you’re a fan of anything at all, you’re well aware the value in finding your favorite characters and shipping the ever loving hell out of them. If you’re not…

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Are These Overwatch Heroes an Item? These New Voicelines Might Convince You!

Thanks to good ol’ Reddit, some new voicelines from a recent Public Test Realm (PTR) update were datamined and highlighted as possible proof of romance between our favorite healer Mercy…

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Lord Have “Mercy” – This Overwatch Cosplay is Proof that Heroes Never Die! (Video)

If you thought you saw all of the best Overwatch cosplay when we covered BlizzCon 2016, think again. Overwatch has a very passionate fan base with new cosplays based off the…

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