Life Is Feudal MMO Trailer Asks “Can You Survive The Night”? (VIDEO)

Feudal MMO Trailer

With their closed beta now complete, Bitbox saw fit to reveal some of the horrors that come to life at night in a new Life is Feudal MMO trailer. The latest video prefaces the open beta arriving  on November 17th and unveils some of the challenges players may face traveling in the late hours of the evening. Check out the trailer and see what awaits players below:

As seen in the Life is Feudal MMO trailer, players can wander the open world at night as they wield a torch. Little light is available otherwise, which can lead to some unfortunate downfalls. Bears and wolves are among a few of the creatures players will encounter in the game, however, something more sinister lurks in the pitch black wilderness.

Players may find themselves stumbling upon a ring of fire surrounding a mound of dirt and a primitive statue carved from wood. Within the circle can be found heads on stakes, some even aflame themselves. It would seem, as the Life is Feudal MMO trailer demonstrates, that not all horrors in this game are monsters and that the people in the game may be prone to ritualized human sacrifice.

Feudal MMO Trailer

So far no one has offered any details on how the horrifying revelations in this new Life is Feudal MMO trailer will unfold in the sandbox game. More details may come to light in the open beta and those interested can still sign up on the website by purchasing one of the available options. Until then, players will have to wonder themselves if they can survive the night.

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