Last Of Us 2 Gameplay Trailer Features Love, Stealthy Murder – E3 2018 (VIDEO)

The Last of Us 2 Gameplay

Sony’s E3 presentation began in a peculiar way, opening in a church tent. While fans were initially confused, it all made sense after a beautiful live banjo performance of the Last of Us theme song. As it would come to be revealed, The Last of Us 2 gameplay opens in a church tent of sorts, decorated in much the same way.

Fans were treated to a tender moment between Ellie and a love interest, but the transition quickly turns grim as the trailer shifts to the first look at gameplay. Fans follow Ellie as she infiltrates an enemy camp, and get their first look at the stealth and combat features of the hotly anticipated title. See for yourself in the Last of Us 2 gameplay trailer below:

The Last of Us 2 gameplay trailer above highlights a myriad of features, showing the resourcefulness of the character, while also revealing the diversity of the mechanics. Ellie navigates the enemies using stealth when she can and overpowering fast attacks when she can’t. Utilizing places to hide, squeeze through, and items around her, it is apparent that Naughty Dog is pulling out all of the stops.

There is plenty more info we’ll see from this title, but getting to see The Last of Us 2 gameplay trailer has been a long wait for an awesome reward. Between an intense story, and now incredible gameplay, The Last of Us 2 is bound to put miles between it and its predecessor. Be sure to keep up with Don’t Feed the Gamers as we continue to cover E3.

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