A Way Out Director Says Next Hazelight Studios Game Has Begun Development

Next Hazelight Studios game

Hazelight Studios recently celebrated the launch of A Way Out, which caught much attention at last year’s E3 conference and The Game Awards for its unique narrative that hinges on co-operative play. Hazelight was founded by Josef Fares, who directed A Way Out and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. Now with the release of A Way Out, Fares and his team look to the future. It appears that, according to Fares, the next Hazelight Studios game has been greenlit and begun development.

The outspoken Oscar-hating Josef Fares recently confirmed on his official Twitter account that his studio’s next game has been approved for production, with work on it well underway. A Way Out has only been available to play for the public for just a couple of weeks, but it seems that Fares and his team are eager to jump right into the development cycle for their next project. Fares does not specifically mention any details about who their publisher is for the next game, but given their recent partnership with EA, it would not be unlikely for both parties to work together again.

Fares also did not give any details about the new game, but given his track record so far, it would make sense for his next game to also present a narrative in a unique way tied into the gameplay. Given all of the attention that his last two games have received, Fares is certainly not looking for a way out of the game industry any time soon. What do you guys think about the next Hazelight Studios game beginning development? Let us know in the comments below!

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