‘A Way Out’ Achievements Revealed, Fewer Than Expected

A Way Out Achievements

Hazelight Studios’ may be (in)famous for outspoken developer Josef Fares, but also for the upcoming co-op title A Way Out. The game emphasizes teamwork to achieve the goal of escaping a high-security prison and as such relies on partnering up with others to progress forward in the game. One would think that there’d be numerous A Way Out achievements awaiting those who showed especially dedicated synergy, but as recently revealed, there’s actually not very many.

The list shown by Exophase reveals only fourteen Xbox One Achievements in total, all of which seem to be based on either important story milestones or impressive team efforts. PlayStation 4 trophies have yet to be been unveiled, nor has an additional Platinum Trophy for all those elite gaming completionists, but it’s assumed the result will largely resemble the ones for Xbox One. For now, the full list of A Way Out achievements can be viewed below.

  • Take A Breather

    • You took a break from it all.
      •  80 GS
  • Freedom

    • You freed someone from captivity.
      •  50 GS
  • In Sync

    • Music was played in harmony.
      •  80 GS
  • Timeless Treasure

    • You linked up to get past.
      •  100 GS
  • No Cheating

    • You exposed some infidelity.
      •  50 GS
  • Break From Reality

    • You played a videogame with a friend.
      •  50 GS
  • Mayday!

    • You almost took to the skies.
      •  50 GS
  • Managed Anger

    • Dark desires done right
      •  80 GS
  • Live The Dream

    • “Houston, we’ve had a problem.”
      •  100 GS
  • Backseat Mechanic

    • You helped fix the bike.
      •  50 GS
  • Take It For A Spin

    • You did what the wind couldn’t.
      •  80 GS
  • You Started It

    • Not kids anymore.
      •  80 GS
  • The Dip

    • You set a new record.
      •  100 GS
  • Home Run

    • You are clearly good with a bat.
      •  50GS

A Way Out is the latest in the EA Originals program, an indie-focused imprint that first published Zoink Games’ Fe earlier this year, with more planned for the future. Under Electronic Arts’ program, smaller projects such as these receive a boost in marketing and development, all at the benefit of the developer. A Way Out releases on March 23rd for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

What do you think? Are you disappointed at the lack of A Way Out achievements, or are you going to pick up the game anyways? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter to be informed of the latest gaming an entertainment news 24 hours a day! For more news from recent weeks, check out these next few links:

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