Josh Brolin Makeup Photo Shows Actor’s Transformation Into Cable For Deadpool 2

Josh Brolin Makeup

The much anticipated sequel to 20th Century Fox’s well-received Deadpool movie is still filming, which understandably has meant that little about the film has actually been officially revealed or displayed by the studio so far. When it has come to peeks at the new sequel, it has mostly been provided by the stars of the film themselves through their official, personal social media accounts. Ryan Reynolds has very recently shared photos of himself in full Deadpool gear on the set, and Josh Brolin has shown himself getting in shape to play Cable, but he has yet to show himself in full Cable gear. We are now one step closer to this, as a new Josh Brolin makeup chair photo shows the actor’s transformation into the Cyborg mutant.

Josh Brolin shared the photo and description seen above to his official Instagram account earlier this week, during his likely long session in the makeup chair. The photo shows half of his face covered with blue makeup material, likely to be overlaid with CG effects in post-production. Cable is often depicted as having a bionic eye and scars, with some iterations of him also showing a fuller robotic facial structure in place of bones, akin to The Terminator. Most likely these cybernetic features will be shown over the blue portions of Brolin’s facial makeup.

Between this use of heavy makeup and Brolin’s extensive physical training regiment, it is safe to say that Brolin is very much committed to making his portrayal of Cable as authentic as possible. Let us hope that Ryan Reynolds does not take the same method acting approach and ruin his pretty face. What do you guys think about this Josh Brolin makeup photo? Let us know in the comments below!

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