Deadpool 2 Film Casts Jack Kesy for a Major Role as Villain

deadpool 2 film villain

Considering that not much is known about the plot of the highly anticipated Deadpool 2 film, the news so far have kept the interest of fans on the latest cast additions for the sequel, particularly the casting of Josh Brolin as Cable and Zazie Beetz as Domino. However, these classic characters have been more associated as being heroes in Marvel comics, so many have been wondering what sort of antagonist Deadpool would be facing in this new sequel. Well, now we at least know who will be portraying a Deadpool 2 villain and perhaps who that character might be.

An exclusive article from Deadline has reported that Jack Kesy has signed on to join the cast of Deadpool 2 film in a villainous role. Kesy is perhaps best known as playing goth rocker Gabriel Bolivar on FX’s The Strain and for appearing in the Baywatch film arriving in theaters soon. While there is no official confirmation yet as to who the villain is, the sources believe that it will be Black Tom Cassidy, an Irish mutant that can manipulate, bond with, and project energy through plants. Cassidy can also shoot large concussive blasts through wood which he often does in the comics via his trusty shillelagh (an Irish walking stick).

Deadpool 3 Separate

If this character is indeed chosen as the villain, it would be an interesting selection, considering the character in the comics is the cousin of X-Men member Banshee who has already appeared in the X-Men prequel films. There’s no word whether Banshee would be joining his cousin, but if that were so it would be an interesting family dynamic to witness. What do you guys think about this casting of Jack Kesy in the Deadpool 2 film? If not Black Tom Cassidy, who do you think the villain is going to be? Let us know in the comments below!

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