Star Fox 2 Developers Celebrate Release of the Upcoming SNES Classic Title

Star Fox 2

After 22 years, Star Fox 2 is finally releasing to the public and no one is happier about it than the team behind the game’s intense development. The game will be officially releasing to the public for those who will be picking up an SNES Classic edition. Although, the most surprising part of this gaming development may be the fact that even the developers at Argonaut didn’t know if this would become a reality.

The official announcement of the title’s upcoming release was revealed by Dylan Cuthbert, a developer on Star Fox 2’s creative team. Initially the statement came from a Tweet on June 27th where Cuthbert stated, “I’m still kind of in a reality distortion field – StarFox 2 is really coming out?”. Of course, that surprising Tweet was followed up with an exuberant addition by the developer, confirming that the team behind the game’s development is just as excited about its coming release as fans are:

Clearly, the developers are thrilled about the return of this classic Nintendo character. Joining in on the festivities were designers Takaya Imamura, Kazushi Maeta, and Jordan Amaro. Both Maeta and Amaro are known for their work as designers on various Star Fox and Nintendo projects. Veteran designer Hidetaka “Swery” Suehiro was also present for the celebration along with Cuthbert.

This announcement also marks the official confirmation of the rumored SNES Classic edition relaunch, which marks that this holiday season will be one intense shopping experience for everyone who plans on trying to get their hands on this tiny little system. It’s not hard to believe that it will be on everyone’s most-wanted list. With the reveal that Star Fox 2 will be one of the titles included on the console’s memory, it will definitely be a good idea for fans to pre-order the console as soon as possible. The system and game will officially be launching in the US on September 29th, 2017, so make sure to get ready for the holiday season and always check back with DFTG for the latest updates on Nintendo products!

Thoughts on the reveal of this Star Fox 2 announcement? How many fans will definitely be pre-ordering the SNES Classic when the time comes? Make sure to join in on the discussion in the comments section below, and don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment updates 24/7. As always … game on, friends!


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