Another Injustice 2 Character Reveal Teased for Next Week (VIDEO)

injustice 2 character firestorm

Fresh off their most recent roster addition just two days ago, NetherRealm Studios has posted yet another Injustice 2 character reveal date on the front page of their official site. We are greeted by the teased date of March 23rd as well as the polygonal mannequin man we all know and love, that we shall now refer to as “Mr. Gridface”. The announcement means the time has come to board a new train car on the hype train that is Injustice 2.

injustice 2 character reveal date

Bad wordplay aside, this past monday revealed radiation-inclined hero Firestorm as the newest character addition to the highly anticipated fighting game. Unveiled via WWE wrestler / gamer Xavier Woods’ Youtube channel, gameplay shows off the Nuclear Man’s long range combat stylings, with the hero having the ability of firing numerous types of fiery projectiles at unlucky opponents. The footage can be seen in the following video starting at 7:45.

The full confirmed roster now stands at 23 with just only 14 slots remaining open. It’s worth noting that more than a few of these unknowns could potentially be placeholders for future DLC characters. So far, the full list of confirmed fighters includes:

It’s currently unknown who the new Injustice 2 character could be because seemingly anyone from the DC continuity isn’t outside the realm of possibility. We can expect greater and more frequent reveals in the coming weeks before Injustice 2‘s launch date of May 16th. Perhaps Matter-Eater Lad will finally have his time in the sun!

 injustice 2 character matter-eater lad

Are you looking forward to Injustice 2? Who do you think the character will be? Is “Mr. Gridface” a fitting name for our grid-faced friend? Let us know in the comments and be sure to follow DFTG on Twitter for 24/7 coverage on all things nerdy. If you’re so inclined, you can also head to our official Disqus channel for rousing video game discussion. Catch up on other character additions in the news from these links below:

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