Halo TV Series’ Live-Action Master Chief Revealed In New Teaser (VIDEO)

Halo TV Series Live Action Master Chief

The 20th anniversary of Xbox is yielding quite a few awesome announcements, from the arrival of numerous new Backward Compatibility titles to the surprise debut of Halo Infinite multiplayer. Though these reveals would almost certainly overflow the hype of any Xbox fan, Microsoft also took this opportunity to showcase the first footage for the live-action Halo TV series, offering a peek at Master Chief in all his shiny-helmeted glory.

As seen in the video below, the admittedly-short teaser comprises several close-up shots of Halo’s heroic protagonist, depicting Spartan John-117 as he suits up as our beloved Chief in throughout the moments of the footage. Amidst all the imagery, we also get an audible line from Cortana herself, with the AI companion proclaiming “Hello, Master Chief” in the teaser’s closing seconds.

Although brief, seeing the first footage for the new Halo TV series is undeniably a big deal as it finally realizes Microsoft’s long-laid plans for a big-budget Halo adaptation. After repeated attempts to kickstart a blockbuster film series in the 2000s, efforts finally started to progress in recent years in the form of a TV series produced by filmmaker Steven Spielberg. However, this project has also experienced its own share of hinderances, but looks to have thankfully found its footing upon the reveal of this new teaser.

As one might surmise from the familiar voice in the trailer, Jen Taylor is slated to return as Cortana in the live-action Halo series with American Gods actor Pablo Schreiber donning the iconic Mjolnir armor as Master Chief. Though sporting a rounded cast, behind-the-scenes positions of have resembled a rotating door, with multiple showrunners joining and exiting the series during production. More recently, the Halo was moved from Showtime to streaming service Paramount Plus with a premiere date slated for 2022.

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