Beavis And Butt-Head Do the Universe

Beavis And Butt-Head Return To ‘Do The Universe’ In New Movie Trailer

As Paramount Plus aims to take on its mouse-eared competition in the streaming wars, the company appears to be reaching into the realm of gaming as well as the nostalgia…

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Players Trailer

Players Trailer Reveals ESports Comedy Release Date (VIDEO)

The streaming wars have only continued to escalate as more competitors enter the battle for streaming supremacy. While appealing to video game fans has been a big part of the…

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Halo TV Show

Halo Series Unveils Master Chief’s Butt, Internet Responds

Halo’s Master Chief has largely remained a faceless and – outside the occasional one-liners – mostly silent protagonist in the Xbox-branded first-person shooter franchise. However, the character’s recently-debuted Halo series…

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Halo TV Series Premiere

Halo TV Series Premiere Available To Watch For Free (VIDEO)

The world of television is showing a big push to adapt major video game franchises for the small screen. This is especially being pushed for by streaming services, who need…

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Halo TV series premiere

Halo TV Series Premiere Breaks Paramount Plus Record

The streaming wars have now gone on long enough for newer services to make strides towards taking down the medium’s originator, Netflix. Many of these services are turning to video…

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Halo TV Show actor

Halo TV Show Actor Explains Why Master Chief Removes His Helmet

The film and television industry seems to be in a golden age of adapting video games for the big and small screens lately. The newest project to adapt a major…

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Halo Series Live-Action Cortana

Halo TV Series: Why Live-Action Cortana Looks So Different

Halo has been around long enough for various characters from the franchise to hit the mainstream, whether it’s John-117, a.k.a. the Master Chief, his AI companion Cortana, or even various…

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Halo Tv series trailer

Halo TV Series Trailer Hypes Up Master Chief And Ensemble Cast

The television industry may very well be venturing into a golden age of video game adaptations. Netflix has had good luck with its Witcher adaptations, and Amazon seems to be…

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Sonic Movie 3 And Idris Elba Knuckles TV Series In The Works

A singular story can be an intriguing and wonderful experience, but being able to jump into an entire universe of continuously expanding content is also quite entertaining. Sequels, trilogies, and…

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Halo Season 2

Halo Season 2 Already Confirmed Ahead Of TV Series Premiere

The television and film industries have been buzzing a lot lately with word of many major projects adapting video game franchises to the big and small screens. One of the…

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