Grand Theft Auto V Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Dismissed In Court Of Appeals

Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit

The video game industry is no stranger to lawsuits, especially considering the U.S. legal system’s slower reactions to the rapid advancement of technology. Nintendo has been hit with lawsuits in the past regarding its unique hardware actually bearing major similarities to pre-existing tech, and ZeniMax has filed suits against Oculus and Samsung over their VR designs. One of the most covered lawsuits from the past few years of gaming has been actress Lindsay Lohan’s lawsuit against Take-Two Interactive. Now, it appears that this particularly long day in court is finally over, as the Lindsay Lohan lawsuit has been dismissed in the Court of Appeals.

The State of New York Court of Appeals has released their official ruling for Lindsay Lohan’s case against Take-Two Interactive. For those unaware of this lawsuit: back in 2014, Lohan claimed that a GTA V character named “Lacey Jones” shared her likeness and that Take-Two Interactive released the game without her approval. The Jones character, who is also an actress with a troubled history like Lohan, appears in a mission where the player must help her escape from paparazzi in Los Santos. An image of “Lacey Jones” was also featured in much of the promotional material for the game, and even on the game’s box art and disc itself.

According to the documents released by the Court, all six judges on the panel residing over this case ruled that “the Jonas character simply is not recognizable as plaintiff inasmuch as it merely is a generic artistic depiction of a ‘twenty something’ woman without any particular identifying physical characteristics.” It seems that while this character may share some similarities to Lohan, they are not significant enough to equate the Jones character to her likeness, nor as an intention to trick potential players into thinking that Lohan herself is in the game.

This most likely might be the last day this case sees in court, but Lohan could always recruit some Mean Girls to retaliate against the house of GTA on her behalf. What do you guys think about this Lindsay Lohan lawsuit over GTA V? Let us know in the comments below! Also be sure to stay tuned for the latest Rockstar Games news, such as the Take Two CEO’s response to Red Dead Redemption 2 battle royale mode rumors, here on Don’t Feed the Gamers! Follow us on Twitter to see our updates the minute they go live!

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