GTA VI Might Have The Most Intelligent Drivers Yet

Games these days are becoming increasingly complex behind the scenes with advances in technology giving developers the freedom to design and create to their heart’s content. As game worlds become…

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GTA Online Cayo Perico Heist

GTA Online Has More Single-Player DLC Planned (VIDEO)

Years after launching and spinning-off from the main Grand Theft Auto 5 title, GTA Online has thoroughly surpassed its predecessor in nearly every respect, with Rockstar Games’ continually-growing world offering…

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Red Dead Online

Red Dead Online Goes Standalone Starting Next Week

Following the acclaimed single-player release of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games has largely lent focus to the game’s premier multiplayer mode Red Dead Online. Featuring the same expansive open-world…

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Cayo Perico Heist GTA Online

New GTA Online Island Heist Is The Game’s “Biggest Update Yet” (VIDEO)

While not as frequent in previous years, Grand Theft Auto Online has been putting out a nice assortment of content since launching back in 2013. In between all the special…

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Crackdown 2 studio

Crackdown 2 Studio Acquired By Rockstar Games

The gaming industry has seen the rise of several big entities that hold a significant portion of the market, with one such titan being Take-Two Interactive. The publishing giant houses…

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GTA Vice City Online

GTA Vice City Online Domain Hints At Possible GTA VI Location (RUMOR)

Releasing just behind Grand Theft Auto V, GTA Online officially went live back in 2013, giving players a chance to take on Los Santos with friends or other people from…

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GTA 6 Will Reportedly Be A Timed PS5 Exclusive

GTA 6 Will Reportedly Be A Timed PS5 Exclusive

We’ve heard plenty of GTA 6 rumors over the past couple of years, ranging from how complete the title is all the way to rumors regarding the overall potential structure…

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red dead online red dead redemption 2 rockstar

Red Dead Online Update Pushed Back Due To Game-Breaking Glitches

After news made its rounds on the internet, Rockstar Games finally called the shot to push back the latest update to Red Dead Online for Xbox One and PlayStation 4….

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GTA Online

Next-Gen GTA Online Will Feature Exclusive New Content

Grand Theft Auto V is set to make an appearance on next-gen consoles, bringing fans a fresh look at the already 7-year-old title. Of course, this also means that GTA…

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red dead redemption 2 the naturalist update

Red Dead Online Releases ‘The Naturalist’ Update (VIDEO)

Following the award-winning success of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar Games aimed to keep the ol’ west adventures coming with a multiplayer version of the title. While plenty of content…

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