Grand Theft Auto VI Will Have A Female Protagonist, Says Report

Grand Theft Auto VI Will Have A Female Protagonist, Says Report

Given how long video game development can take, and the amount of external factors that can delay a game’s release, many projects over the years have become elusive entities of…

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Grand Theft Auto 6

Grand Theft Auto 6 Needs To ‘Exceed Expectations,’ Says Rockstar

There are few game studios that have formed as impactful of a hold on the video game industry as Rockstar Games, specifically with the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Thanks to…

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Grand Theft Auto 6 GTA vi

Grand Theft Auto 6 Officially Confirmed By Rockstar Games

After an approaching decade of being released, it appears Rockstar Games is finally making the long-awaited Grand Theft Auto 6. The news was announced this morning as part of a…

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GTA Online Take-Two

GTA Parent Take-Two To Buy Zynga, Biggest Acquisition In Gaming History

The gaming industry has several big key titans, with two of the largest being Take-Two and Zynga. While both companies have some of the biggest success stories in gaming, their…

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Rockstar Games Apology Issued For GTA Remastered Trilogy Launch

2021 has seen a big trend towards the re-release and remastering of past video games, with one of the most rumored and anticipated of these being the Grand Theft Auto…

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GTA Trilogy San Andreas

GTA Trilogy: Infamous “Hot Coffee” Minigame Reportedly Found In Files

Collecting the most popular of Rockstar’s PS2-era projects, a remaster of GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas has finally driven to release. Though anticipated at first, the so-called ‘Grand…

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GTA the Trilogy PC

GTA The Trilogy PC Version Unplayable On Rockstar Launcher, For Now

While Grand Theft Auto fans have been eagerly awaiting any news of a new GTA game, let alone the actual release of said hypothetical game, Rockstar Games had eased the…

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GTA San Andreas VR

GTA San Andreas VR Announced For Oculus Quest 2

It is an exciting time to be a Grand Theft Auto fan. While GTA V still goes strong in sales and its GTA Online eco-system, fans recently received an infusion…

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Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg Says Dr. Dre Is Recording Music For New GTA Game

Gaming’s biggest franchises all have passionate fans looking towards the future, but perhaps no franchise has had as many rumors circulating lately as Grand Theft Auto. The multi-billion dollar franchise…

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GTA Remastered Trilogy PC

GTA Remastered Trilogy PC Requirements Revealed

While rumors have abounded for months, if not years, regarding what form a potential Grand Theft Auto VI might take, thankfully fans were recently satiated with the announcement of the…

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