Activision Blizzard Sued

Activision Blizzard Sued By State of California For Sexual Harassment and Discrimination

As much as the video game industry has evolved technologically the past few decades, it has unfortunately only found its workplaces to foster toxicity and cases of harassment. Video Game…

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RuneScape Player Sues Developer Jagex For Being Muted, Loses

While much of the gaming industry focuses on the newest and latest titles, there are still pockets of fandom that manage to keep perennial classics alive. One such internet favorite…

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Riot Games Settles Class Action Lawsuit Over Discrimination, Sexual Harassment

Riot Games Settles Class Action Lawsuit Over Discrimination, Sexual Harassment

League of Legends publisher Riot Games has settled the class action lawsuit leveled against the company for its sexist corporate culture, which was uncovered last year in a revealing investigative…

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Riot Games

Riot Games Employees Reportedly Plan Walkout, Riot Responds

Some of the biggest topics of discussion on video game news outlets and social media feeds the past few months have regarded the treatment of employees by the biggest developers…

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Call of Duty

WWE Super Star Booker T Is Suing Call of Duty Publishers For Copyright Infringement

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Call of Duty publisher Activision, claiming that they ripped off his comic book character, G.I. Bro. Booker…

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Activision Blizzard

Activision Blizzard Faces Two Class Action Lawsuits After Bungie Split

The split between Activision Blizzard and Bungie caused shockwaves throughout the video game industry. Activision’s stocks tanked following the news, and a legitimate rebound feels unlikely. Those numbers should drop…

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New Lawsuit Against Borderlands Studio’s CEO Cites Alleged Child Pornography, “Adult Parties” Feat. Minors, and Embezzlement

It was announced to the public today that a new lawsuit by former Gearbox counsel Wade Callender against CEO Randy Pitchford has been made. The suit contains many accusations against…

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Atari Is Suing Target Over New Foot Pong Game (VIDEO)

It appears that Atari is no longer playing around with Target. After a failed attempt with a cease-and-desist letter, the video game company has officially filed a lawsuit against the…

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EA Belgium Criminal Investigation

EA Reportedly Under Criminal Investigation in Belgium For Loot Boxes

After the Battlefront II controversy, you’d think EA would learn a lesson regarding loot crates. You’d think wrong. In April, the video game titan opted to go heads up with the…

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Warner Bros. Comments On Bethesda Lawsuit Over Westworld Mobile Game

Last week, Bethesda Softworks filed a lawsuit against Warner Bros. and developer Behavior Interactive.  The suit concerns the recent release of the Westworld mobile game that bears resemblance to the…

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