God of War Baldur Statue Is As Expensive As It Is Beautiful (VIDEO)

Baldur Statue

The 2018 God of War game proved to be a worthy and successor to the previous games in the series, and provided a beautiful new direction for the series and protagonist Kratos. The inclusion of Norse mythology also reinvigorated the series with new lore to explore based on the legends from our real world. One such real Norse figure in the game is Baldur, the Norse god of light and the antagonist for the game, who was praised by many for his performance by actor Jeremy Davies. While a possible sequel may be several years away, a new God of War Baldur statue has been unveiled that pays loving tribute to the villain.

Prime 1 has released the listing for the God of War Baldur statue on their official website. The statue features Baldur, who stands at 24.5 inches tall atop a base made of ancient ruins and three Broods, one of whom has been pelted with arrows, likely by Kratos’s son Atreus. While this statue itself is not exactly limited, there is a limited edition of only 500 units that comes with a special God of War stand. Not only that, but Prime 1 has revealed a statue of Kratos and Atreus that will pair perfectly with the Baldur statue.

Here’s where the bad news comes. The beautiful statue is now available for pre-order, but the grand total for the statue will be $1,200, with a $120 down payment required at the time of pre-order. Not only that, but considering the amount of detail going into the statue, Prime 1 has estimated to not be finished with the statues until some time between July and November of 2020. This will come as a great cost and wait for Baldur fans, but for such a lovingly created monument, such immortality is worth it.

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