Morrigan Statue

Dragon Age Morrigan Statue Now Available From Dark Horse

As fandoms grow more and more passionate, the demand for premium collectibles grows more and more. One way this devoted fandom comes out through merchandise is seen in premium statues…

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Critical Role Collectible Statues

Critical Role Collectible Statues By Sideshow Collectibles Revealed

Tabletop gaming has seen a resurgence the past few years, and one byproduct of that has been the popularity of tabletop gaming-themed podcasts and livestreams, with the most popular one…

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Baldur Statue

God of War Baldur Statue Is As Expensive As It Is Beautiful (VIDEO)

The 2018 God of War game proved to be a worthy and successor to the previous games in the series, and provided a beautiful new direction for the series and…

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spider-man feat img

Spider-Man PS4 Collectible Statue Revealed

Spider-Man PS4 released to critical acclaim and financial success back in September. Even other developers publicly praised Insomniac Games for their superhero title. The game earned legions of fans everywhere for…

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Lara Croft Statue

Lara Croft Statue Revealed Just In Time For Shadow Of The Tomb Raider

Next month, Lara Croft fans will be reunited with the heroine in her latest adventure, Shadow of the Tomb Raider. The sequel will be the culmination of this new iteration…

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Custom Bloodborne Stand

This Custom Bloodborne Stand Is Perfect For PS4 Owners

Artists are always coming out with amazing pieces inspired by their favorite video games, and this custom Bloodborne stand is one such example. Created by artist Michael Ildmirkin, the PlayStation…

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The Witcher 3 Bathtub Geralt Statue Is Now A Thing

With the success of The Witcher 3, the series has cemented itself as a gaming franchise worthy of merchandising and stretching into a multimedia presence. A live-action Netflix series is currently…

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sylvanas statue

Incredible Sylvanas Statue Will Make Alliance Members Question Their Loyalty (VIDEO)

Another BlizzCon has come and gone, bringing so many new announcements that it’s hard to keep up. The upcoming World of Warcraft expansion was featured and highlighted the battle between…

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New Fire-Breathing Bowser Statue Stands Tall And Ready For Pre-Order

With a new Mario title back at the forefront of gaming, collectible companies like First 4 Figures are attempting to make the most of the hype with epic statues of…

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Sagat Statues

These Street Fighter Sagat Statues Are Phenomenal But Phew, They’re Not Cheap

While nerd culture has had a fixation with premium statues of its favorite characters for a while now, more recent years have seen an influx of higher-priced premium statues. With…

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