Days Gone

Days Gone And More PlayStation Exclusives Coming To PC

Exclusive titles have been seen as the selling point for many platforms over the years, especially when it comes to the likes of PlayStation. That said, we’ve begun to see…

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God Of War PS5 'Enhanced Performance' Patch Revealed

God Of War PS5 ‘Enhanced Performance’ Patch Revealed

It looks like our beloved ‘Dad of Boy’ Kratos is getting some much-deserved TLC on the PS5. Santa Monica Studio has announced that God of War (2018) will be getting…

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God of War Studio

God Of War Studio Has Unannounced Project In The Works

As Sony continues the start of its newest console generation with the PlayStation 5, both the company and the platform’s fans look to the big future games set to arrive…

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God of War Hades Crossover

Hades x God of War Crossover Clip Shows Kratos Mentoring Zagreus (VIDEO)

2020 brought several amazing new video games to a world that desperately needed them, and perhaps the most lauded of the new independent games last year was Hades by Supergiant…

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Ghost of Tsushima Outfits

Ghost of Tsushima Outfits Themed After Horizon Zero Dawn, God Of War Available Now

As Sony begins its fifth generation of home gaming consoles, it has amassed a wide variety of gaming franchises embodying numerous genres and tones. One of its newest exclusive franchises…

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Fortnite Kratos Master Chief Skins

Fortnite Leak Points To Upcoming Kratos And Master Chief Skins

A new season of Fortnite has arrived along with a host of new points of interest, a bit of lore, and the Mandalorian. The massively popular battle royale title appears…

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God of War Ragnarok

God Of War Ragnarok Could Be A PlayStation 5 Exclusive

The latest generation of gaming has finally arrived with the launches of both the newest Xbox and PlayStation consoles. Over the next few years, developers will begin phasing out the…

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God Of War PS5 Save Transfer, Backward Compatibility Features Revealed

God Of War PS5 Save Transfer, Backward Compatibility Features Revealed

While we patiently await more news regarding the recently confirmed God of War sequel, fans can still take ol’ Kratos for a spin on the PS5 thanks to the console’s…

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Ragnarok Reveal Trailer

God Of War Fans Decode Ragnarok Reveal Trailer

With the announcement of a release date and launch price for the PS5, also revealed were several big games coming to the next-gen console. One surprise reveal that capped the…

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God of War 2 Ragnarok PlayStation 5

God Of War 2 Teased, “Ragnarok is Coming” (VIDEO)

The PlayStation 5 showcase provided many fans with several things to get excited about. Not only did we see updates on game that were already known about, but we also…

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