Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford’s Personal Assistant Stole Millions From Him

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford

The gaming industry has many recognizable faces that gamers associate with their favorite developers, and one of the most well known in recent years has been Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford. The CEO has been well known as the Gearbox figurehead, from their successes with the Borderlands series to their less well-received Aliens: Colonial Marines game. Pitchford has shown in the past that even he can be deceived, even by the likes of a fake Sony CEO Kaz Hirai Twitter account, but now it seems like Pitchford was taken advantage of in a much more damaging way.

The Dallas News has reported on the arrest warrant for one John Wright Martin, who worked as Randy Pitchford’s personal assistant. In 2015, Martin was given access to Pitchford’s business American Express account, to which Martin began charging numerous personal expenses, including “designer clothes, jewelry, electronics, hotel stays, airfare and even Amazon movie rentals.” Some of the more notable expenses included a home valued at almost $600k, and a $657 bar tab.

Martin stopped working for Pitchford in late 2016 to pursue interior design, but was contacted by Pitchford’s wife about the depleted funds. Martin claimed he confused their account for his own, and promised to pay restitutions. He promised to pay $780,000, but the Pitchfords have discovered more and bigger items that put the total over $3 million.

A warrant has now been placed for Martin’s arrest, after failing to appear in court dates related to theft cases involving not just the Pitchfords. Hopefully, justice will be served soon in this situation, which aside from paying back the stolen money in full, would probably also require Martin to play Aliens: Colonial Marines to completion.

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