The Division 2: New Gameplay Details Revealed (VIDEO)

The Division 2

Ubisoft’s presence at PAX West 2018 was felt in a big way. The booth was filled with demos and news about exciting announcements for games like Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Starlink, Trials Rising, and The Division 2.

As the sequel to one of Ubisoft’s biggest IPs, expectations for improvements to the looter shooter are very high. For starters, Ubisoft is focusing on an end-game first mentality for The Division 2; positive soundbite for this game given its predecessor was criticized for the lack of interesting things to do when players hit the level cap.

Washington DC will provide not just more things for the player to do, but more interesting activities that will keep Agents playing long after they complete the main story campaign. Character progression will carry on as you will pick a specialization for your character that allows you to use new weapons and gadgets other players might not have access to. Special Classes like the Sharpshooter give players a .50 Cal Sniper Rifle that can easily dispatch the toughest enemies with a massive blast or Demolition Experts that can use Grenade Launchers to kill large groups of bad guys. You can check all of this out and so much more in the video below:

New Equipment will feature in-game brands that have different bonuses that can be combined with other pieces to help customize your play experience even further. Lead Designer from developer Red Storm Keith Evans also said that The Division 2’s map will be 20% larger than the first game’s and that players can expect nature like environments that feel more open in player movement. He contrasted this with the first game’s tall skyscrapers limiting the player’s vision and the summer setting bringing a new refreshing feel to the exploration in the game.

The live stream features a whole lot more gameplay including combat, so be sure to check it out above! Are you excited for The Division 2? Be sure to follow us on Twitter for any updates regarding Ubisoft’s follow up to the 2016 title and check out these other stories from Don’t Feed The Gamers:


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