Sombra Hacks Way Into Newest Overwatch Patch – Available Now!

The newest patch for Overwatch released today and with that comes Sombra, a quick witted hacker who has the ability to cause a little bit of chaos to her opponents. Some of her most iconic abilities are her EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) ultimate which disables barriers and her capability to hack health packs around the map to make them unusable to the enemy team. Sombra is also capable of cloaking herself and becoming invisible and placing a beacon (which is called her translocator) that she can recall herself to.

Sombra Overwatch

In addition to the release of a new hero, you can now play on a new map (Ecopoint: Antartica) as well as new arcade modes. There are 1v1 matches in which players go head to head and demonstrate their level of skill as heroes are randomly chosen and played at the same time. This means that players are assigned the same character and have to out skill one another. Those matches are best out of five, and those Bastion v Bastion matches must be… interesting.

They’ve also launched 3v3 modes, 6v6 Mystery Heroes and a 6v6 All Brawls mode in which the brawl is chosen randomly with different sets of rules, such as Overly Defensive (when players can only choose out of the defensive character list) and MOBAwatch (where you are only allowed 1 of each hero and there is no switching).

Ecopoint: Antarctica Overwatch

Blizzard has been stepping their game up with Overwatch and really listening to the feedback of their fans and avid players. This new patch adds a lot more content to the game as well as a more rounded play style to suit any gamers needs.

The release of this new patch has come just in time for Overwatch’s free play weekend, which starts November 18th at 11 am PST and ends November 21st at 4pm PST.

How are you guys liking Sombra so far? Sound off with your comments below!

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