Fallout Miami Trailer Teases A Deceptively Gorgeous Vacation Wasteland (VIDEO)

There are a lot of ambitious mods out the for PC gamers that allow players to go beyond games themselves by becoming, in essence, fan-made DLC. These well-crafted adventures are sure to bring fans back to a title that they haven’t touched in years such as an upcoming mod called Fallout Miami.

What was once a mere idea has now turned into a beautiful apocalyptic landscape complete with enemies themed to the Atlantic beaches, new and unique weapons, as well as a multitude of new locations for players to explore. The trailer below shows off a few of these locations and teases the coming of a full trailer which will be released soon.

A recent update from the mod’s official webpage details what’s in store in post-apocalyptic “Magic City” of Miami. Players will be able to scavenge their way around several districts which have their own unique locations and atmosphere which can be described below:

  • Meridian:
    • On the outskirts you’ll find Meridian, an industrial zone that hosts the well-known Pop & Chill bottling plant, among other factories, and the homes of Miami’s working class.
  • Atlantic:
    • Just over the river is Atlantic, a district of two parts. Along the coast are some of the most opulent resort hotels, including the world-famous Sunshine Hotel & Casino, while the central area is mostly residential.
  • Maimon:
    • Home to the university campus and hospital.
  • Bayshore:
    • Luxury housing and luxury leisure, mansions are a common sight in Bayshore and the Cuban golf course is an ever popular destination for fat cats both native and visiting.
  • Sheridan:
    • Similarly to Atlantic, the coastline is dedicated to tourism. On the west side of the river are many suburb-like neighborhoods, as well as Miami Beach Sheridan High School, which borders Bayshore’s vast golf course.
  • Downtown:
    • The beating heart of Miami. Business, shopping, bars, restaurants, theaters, Downtown has it all, including civic buildings such as City Hall and the Miami Beach Convention Center.
  • Flamingo:
    • A patchwork of retirement communities, entertainment and luxury, Flamingo is Miami, just calmer. Locations range from Miami’s largest yacht club to the Flamingo Trailer Park.

Fallout Miami is still in development with no release date in sight so far. Still, the mod looks quite impressive and it’ll be exciting to see the full trailer when it drops. If you’d like to see more amazing artwork, screenshots, and details concerning the mod, check out their official website for all your Fallout Miami needs.

Have you seen any other amazing Fallout projects lately? Let us know your thoughts on the upcoming Fallout Miami mod and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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