New Double Dare Episodes Coming To Nickelodeon This Summer

Double Dare

The classic 1990’s era of Nickelodeon has seen a lot of attention in pop culture news in more recent years, especially as the generation that grew up with its original programming comes of age. The children’s cable network has decided to appeal to the nostalgia of former 90’s kids with new merchandise and iterations of shows like Rocko’s Modern Life and Hey Arnold. Now, it seems that Nick will also bring back what was perhaps their most iconic game show with new episodes of Double Dare.

As reported on Entertianment Weekly, Nickelodeon has announced that it will be reviving its fan-favorite messy game show, Double Dare. For those unaware, the game show series, which saw many iterations over the years, would pit two teams of contestants against each other in a series of physical and mental challenges in order to win fabulous prizes, such as Reebok pumps or a year’s supply of Blow Pop candies.

Double Dare

The infamous physical challenges would often involve elements intended to make a mess, such as the trademark Nickelodeon green slime. The winning team would then get to compete in an obstacle course featuring more messy challenges, such as the Gak Factory and the Pick It Nose.

40 new episodes are set to air on Nickelodeon this summer. A host has not been announced for the game, but should be confirmed soon. Unfortunately, that would come as bad news for those who hoped to see Marc Summers return to get slime on his sneakers once more. Regardless, for many 90’s kids, this is certainly a pleasant surprise, as sweet as the Ice Cream sundae slide.

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