Critical Role’s Matthew Mercer Offers Meaningful Message to Dungeons and Dragons DM

Critical Role

Critical Role is one of the major parties responsible for the modern resurgence of Dungeons & Dragons and it’s no surprise as to why. The crew of voice actors are incredibly talented, especially Matt Mercer who is a superb story teller and takes on the role of Dungeon Master for the two major campaigns seen in the show. Unfortunately this seems to have caused some unexpected issues within the D&D community and Mercer has stepped up respond to one DM’s problem.

A recent post on Reddit sees a DM asking the question of how to get around the “Mercer Effect” as he calls it. The DM by the name of Mister-builder explains that recently he’s noticed a trend of players coming to the table with the idea that Mercer’s style of play is the definitive way to play D&D. This expectation that playing the game just like Critical Role is a bit unfair but thankfully Mercer himself stepped in to share his thoughts on the matter.

Mercer explains that every table is different, and players shouldn’t expect things to go exactly as they see on the show. In fact, it’s unrealistic to assume that any player has the same amount of experience as another player. He goes on to mention that it’s important for DMs to discuss with their players from the get go what to expect in terms of how different situations will be handled.

I say the best course is have a very frank conversation with them about these things. Clearly say that your game will feel like YOUR game (meaning you and the players together), and it’s THEIR responsibility to bring to the table what facet they want to see in it.”

In the end, both the players and DM working together is the only way both parties will be able to have a satisfying experience. Critical Role is on a small break until the New Year, however there was a Christmas special that was recently released called The Night Before Critmas featuring guest DM Liam O’Brian with his unique brand of storytelling. Let us know your thoughts on Mercer’s message to DMs and players in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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