Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2 Re-Release “On The Table,” Says Devs

The classic fantasy dungeon crawling of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance recently saw new life as the game was finally re-released for modern consoles this past week. While the resurgence was…

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Magic The Gathering Dungeons & Dragons Adventures In The Forgotten Realms

Magic The Gathering Hosts New Dungeons & Dragons Crossover In July

While the two tabletop franchises have crossed over on several occasions in the past, Magic The Gathering and Dungeons & Dragons are about to start one of their most substantial…

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Dark Alliance Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance Receives 4K Re-Release (UPDATED)

UPDATE: The Nintendo Switch version of Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance has been met with a surprise delay. Developer Black Isle Studios revealed the news on its official Twitter account, confirming…

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Dungeons & Dragons Dark Alliance

Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Hagedorn Boss Gameplay Revealed (VIDEO)

Bosses are an integral part of many gaming experiences, allowing players to show off all the skills they’ve picked up thus far and utilize them in the heat of epic…

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Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance

New Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance Gameplay Revealed (VIDEO)

For months, Wizards of the Coast have been sitting on a wealth of upcoming video game projects set in the many realms of Dungeons & Dragons, with Baldur’s Gate 3…

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Dungeons & Dragons

Dungeons & Dragons AAA Open-World RPG In The Works

The Dungeons & Dragons series has thrived in recent years in the form of an exceedingly popular and ever-changing tabletop experience, but the die-rolling venturing has also seen quite a…

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Bob Ross Magic The Gathering

Bob Ross Is Coming To Magic The Gathering, Happy Little Trees Included

Magic the Gathering has introduced several crossovers over the years with the likes of The Walking Dead and My Little Pony each debuting cards inspired by their respective franchise. While such…

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magic the gathering the walking dead

Magic The Gathering Reveals Crossover With The Walking Dead

Wizards of the Coast revealed brand new cards as a collaboration between Magic the Gathering and the award-winning TV series The Walking Dead. The limited edition set launches early next…

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Magic: The Gathering Zendikar Rising Reveals 4 New Cards, "Party" Mechanic

Magic: The Gathering Zendikar Rising Reveals 4 New Cards, “Party” Mechanic

Magic: The Gathering is a game of strategy without question/ Decks can be built in numerous ways depending on the player and their playstyle, though sometimes the creators at Wizards…

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Dungeons & Dragons Celebration

Massive Dungeons & Dragons Event Revealed For This Fall

A recent update from Wizards of the Coast saw the reveal of a new sourcebook for Dungeons & Dragons that will give players and dungeon masters alike a vast array…

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