Diablo IV Compared To “First Chapter Of A Book” By Developer

Diablo IV Compared To "First Chapter Of A Book" By Developer Diablo 4

Though less than a month has transpired since the grand unveiling of Diablo IV, quite a few interesting tidbits have come forward about Blizzard’s anticipated action RPG. Debuting gameplay has featured several classes from the upcoming title, as well as an intense look at an epic world boss battle. However, there’s undoubtedly much, much more ahead of us, with the game currently in development and being a long while away from completion.

The game’s sense of “more to come” will seemingly also apply to its story, as developers have recently compared it to “the first chapter of a book,” with additional tales still left to be told. According to an interview with Ausgamer, Game Director Luis Barriga and Art Director John Mueller spoke about the narrative direction for Diablo IV, addressing the game’s potential future as well as the choice to feature Lilith–not the titular Diablo–as the big bad this time around.

“Diablo IV is like the first chapter of a book,” explained John Mueller. “We want to tell a big story and we want to tell it, hopefully, for a very long time. Treating this like the first chapter of a book and Lilith as a key character in this story, it feels great knowing that there are still all these other characters that could come back in the future. Or, new characters that we haven’t seen before.”

Admitting a change to the series’ formula, Luis Barriga additionally made note of another deviation featured in Diablo III’s Reaper of Souls expansion, where players faced a new main antagonist in the form of Malthael. “In Reaper of Souls if you go up against Diablo, after playing to max level – it’s a battle that’s almost like a like a minor speed bump,” he added. “Malthael became the real boss. So, it’s also, what if we don’t bring him back right away? And instead, take the time to explore some of these other characters first.”

While the Lord of Terror’s return is delayed for the moment, it looks like Blizzard is taking the chance to give new characters a spotlight before inevitably turning the page back to Diablo. If the horrifically glorious return of Lilith is an indication of the rest of this so-called “chapter,” Diablo IV may shape up to be quite the page-turner whenever it finally hits shelves. As of now, it’s currently unknown when exactly this may happen, but a Beta test session is expected to take place sometime prior to the game’s full release.

Diablo IV is confirmed for release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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