Diablo IV Barbarian 24-Minute Gameplay Footage Revealed (VIDEO)

Diablo 4 Barbarian Gameplay

Blizzcon 2019 seemed like it might be a tumultuous time for Blizzard Entertainment given a year of employee-related changes and a string of recent controversial actions towards their games’ playing community, but it seems like the new Blizzard announcements have been able to overcome these obstacles. With the announcement of Overwatch 2 and Diablo 4, fan hype over the beloved Blizzard franchises reaffirmed their staying power for the near future. However, actual looks at these projects were not initially shown with their respective announcements, leaving much to the imagination of gamers. It seems that Blizzard is ready to meet these needs for more looks at Diablo IV with a new 24 minute Diablo 4 Barbarian gameplay video.

Blizzard Entertainment has released the new Diablo IV barbarian gameplay video on GameInformer’s official YouTube account. The lengthy video shows the player as the confirmed Barbarian class that will be available in the game. Much of the video’s gameplay takes place in darker and more rustic locations, which falls in line with the more grim tone that fans have requested to see in new Diablo iterations. Reassuringly, the game already has full voice acting and animations ready to be presented.

While the graphic upgrades certainly seem to improve the environments and animations compared to Diablo III from last generation, the gameplay seems to be the tried and true Diablo that fans have come to love and expect. However, according to Blizzard, the game is still several years away from completion, even though to some fans, the game already looks devilishly delightful as is.

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