Man Of Medan Free Friend’s Pass, Curator’s Cut Mode Now Available (VIDEO)

man of medan

In August, Supermassive Games and Bandai Namco released The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan and brought a brand new survival horror game with stellar visuals, plenty of jump-scares, and an eerily immersive atmosphere. To keep the horror alive this holiday season, the developers released a major update that makes the free Friend’s Pass and Curator’s Cut Mode available.

All owners of The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan are automatically granted a Friend’s Pass – a free, trial admission for the game. So if you’re tired of crying in fear in a dark room by yourself, invite someone else to join this holiday season! After all, sharing is caring. Here’s an instructional video on how to send of that free trial:

In addition to the cool freebie, the update also adds the Curator’s Cut mode. So long as players have completed the entire campaign, this new feature is a solo mode that lets curious thrill-seekers explore “alternative scenes and perspectives that can’t be found in the basic solo game.”

Curious about The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan if you’re looking to partake in a new horror title? According to Steam, here’s what the game’s about: “The Dark Pictures Anthology is a series of stand-alone, branching cinematic horror games featuring a multiplayer mode. In Man of Medan, five friends set sail on a holiday diving trip that soon changes into something much more sinister…Embark on a horrific journey aboard a ghost ship. Experience your terrifying story with a friend online or go for safety in numbers with up to five players offline All playable characters can live or die. The choices you make will decide their fate. Who will you save? Don’t. Play. Alone.”

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