Diablo IV campaign length

Diablo IV Campaign Length Revealed By Blizzard

While Blizzard is undergoing a lot of changes and scrutiny due to their company’s allegations of toxic workplace culture and subsequent acquisition by Microsoft, its major projects are still progressing…

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Diablo IV Release Window

Diablo IV Release Window For PlayStation And Xbox Revealed (VIDEO)

Xbox fans have been steadily enjoying the library of Xbox games that have been made available in recent years, but the future of the platform has looked even more enticing…

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Diablo IV

Diablo IV Character Customization “Most Inclusive” Of The Series Yet (VIDEO)

Diablo III introduced the ability to customize characters, to an extent, giving players a chance to change the character’s gender and name. Unfortunately, the title didn’t give fans a good…

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Diablo 4 Will Release More Dev Updates Throughout 2021

Diablo IV Will Release More Dev Updates Throughout 2021

Diablo IV had quite the showing during this year’s opening presentation for BlizzCon, with Blizzard opening up about the highly anticipated title and confirming the game’s 4th playable class, Rogue….

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Diablo IV Rogue Class Revealed At BlizzCon (VIDEO)

Diablo IV Rogue Class Revealed At BlizzCon (VIDEO)

Blizzard finally seems to know what its player base cares about, with today’s opening presentation for BlizzCon 2021 featuring loads of exciting news from the Diablo franchise. One such highlight…

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Overwatch 2 2021

Diablo IV and Overwatch 2 Unlikely To Release In 2021

The video game industry is still very much inhabiting the early part of 2021, and gamers are looking forward to the new titles arriving in the coming year. Blizzard Entertainment…

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Diablo IV Is Fully Online-Only, Even For Console Players

Diablo IV Sorceress Enchantment System Detailed

Fans are counting down the days until hands can be placed on Diablo IV, and since we don’t know exactly when that will be, we just have to rely on…

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Diablo IV Compared To "First Chapter Of A Book" By Developer Diablo 4

Diablo IV Skill System, End Game Progression, And More Discussed In New Update

Many fans are hoping to see Diablo IV as the saving grace for the franchise as several folks weren’t exactly the biggest fans of the latest installment. That said, the…

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Diablo II Upscaled 4k 60FPS

Diablo II Upscaled To 4K At 60FPS Is A Thing Of Beauty (VIDEO)

Diablo II is arguably one of the greatest action role-playing games of all time and easily a fan-favorite in not only the series, but also the genre. That said, fans…

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Diablo IV Gameplay

How Diablo IV Will Differ From Diablo III, According To Blizzard

This year’s BlizzCon brought about the announcement that many fans had been looking forward to. Diablo IV was officially revealed with an incredibly beautiful (and dark) trailer, and since we…

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