Destiny 2 Removing Randomized Loot Perks From Weapons and Armor

Random perks on loot can be a good or bad thing. While it does make players spend more time in in-game, it also has a tendency to get redundant. some players are content with spending the time to grind away for armor and weapons while other players would much rather spend that time on story content or exploring the world of the game. In the case of the upcoming Destiny 2, it seems the developers are taking a step towards the latter direction by removing randomized loot perks in favor of a set standard for every item.

There aren’t random rolls on weapons anymore. Better Devils is a Crucible hand cannon [in Destiny 2], and what it has on it is what it has on it. Period.”

Game Director Luke Smith sat down for an interview recently to talk about the lack of randomized loot perks on weapons and armor in Destiny 2. According to him, the reasoning behind this decision was to help even out the playing field and make it easier to balance the game, something that was a struggle in the first Destiny. This is a similar change to the updated matchmaking and clans system, which intends to also make the entire game a more balanced and enjoyable environment for all players.

Any changes made to one weapon would need to be made across the entire class of weapons. Destiny 2 will be hand-crafted nature in where every weapon is different, regardless of whether its a hand cannon, sniper rifle, or rocket launcher. With perks that won’t change on a particular weapon, developers will have more flexibility when fine tuning weapons that they did not have previously.

Randomized Loot Perks

Smith did bring up the downside to static loot as well. Many players enjoyed the thrill of gambling when receiving an item: ‘what perks did I get this time’, ‘did I get lucky and get everything I wanted?’ There is a thrill there that can’t be obtained through static loot perks. So how do they make that issue more bearable? Smith didn’t say anything for sure though he did mention that the team does have some ideas on how to add more variance to the drops.

How can my second, third, and tenth Better Devils hand cannon be interesting? That’s a question we should be asking and answering as quickly as we can. We have ideas. While I would like nothing more than to share those ideas with you, we’re up against [a deadline]. I don’t know if they’ll make it for our Sept. 6 [release] date. But we have some ideas that we’re pretty excited about.”

Players can begin to pre-load Destiny 2 September 3rd and the game officially releases September 6th for console players and October 24th on PC. Is it a good thing to drop randomized loot perks? Let us know what your thoughts are on Destiny 2’s new loot system and other changes such as the “easy button” in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage on all things gaming and entertainment.

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