Destiny 2 Public Events to Have Heroic Versions for Higher Tier Rewards and More

Destiny 2 Public Events

Destiny 2 is reworking a lot of features seen in the previous game from itss clan systems, matchmaking, and more. In each environment players could explore, there were times events for strangers to join together and complete tasks. These events would drop rewards to all players who participated in the event and participated in raids, certain quests, and more. The downside to this was that a majority of these events catered to the characters with a lower level. Completing them at a high level was often unfulfilling and repetitive. Destiny 2 public events will be very similar, though with more specified loot drops, and there also will be chances to turn them into Heroic versions bringing a challenge to players of all levels and skill. There will also be various other types of events for players to engage in that developers hope will be able an entire new level of immersion to the world of Destiny.

Destiny 2 Public Events

One of the issues with the first Destiny and its timed instances was that they were only a handful of different events which led to the world becoming sparse with interesting talks to accomplish. Bungie’s Rob Engeln explained in a recent interview that there will be a lot more to the Destiny 2 public events than in the previous title and each one will have a “trigger” in the game which will create a “Heroic” instance upon completion. This will override the normal instance and will give players a chance to earn more bonus rewards as well as making it more challenging for the players that choose to participate. This lines up with Destiny 2’s goal of catering to both newbies and veterans of this franchise.

Every Public Event has an optional bonus objective, and if you trigger it then you get an extra hard version of the event with way more enemies coming in, and sometimes optional bonus objectives, or named bosses that you have to kill. And if you are able to complete that, you get bonus rewards for it.”

“Adventures” are a new type side mission coming to Destiny 2 which will allow players to get a little insight to the world. There are also new larger “World Quests” which will go further in depth on the story of each explorable part of this title and give players rewards. Part of the fun of the first Destiny was the adventure of exploring, asking what if that hole in the wall leads somewhere? Lost Sectors will be areas that allow players to do just that leading them to bosses to defeat and treasure to be found. With all the new content, Bungie hopes to bring fans plenty of things to do well beyond the end of the game’s main campaign.

Bungie is definitely ramping up the immersive storytelling not only through the new self contained “Adventures” but also through audio recordings which will be seen throughout the different environments. Will the new events and missions be enough to satisfy the player’s hunger for action, adventure, and a good story? Let us know your thoughts on the new Destiny 2 public events and more in the comments section below. As always, don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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