Overwatch Voice Actor

Overwatch Voice Actor says Genji/Mercy would be “Hot as F*ck”

If you’re a fan of anything at all, you’re well aware the value in finding your favorite characters and shipping the ever loving hell out of them. If you’re not…

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Are These Overwatch Heroes an Item? These New Voicelines Might Convince You!

Thanks to good ol’ Reddit, some new voicelines from a recent Public Test Realm (PTR) update were datamined and highlighted as possible proof of romance between our favorite healer Mercy…

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Genji's Dragonblade

Man at Arms: Reforged Forges Genji’s Dragonblade IRL (VIDEO)

In what is quickly becoming a favorite series at DFTG, AWE me‘s Man at Arms: Reforged brings pieces of the video games we know and love out of the screen…

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Every Animated Short for Blizzard’s Overwatch All In One Place – See Beyond the Game [VIDEOS]

It is not a secret that Blizzard’s Overwatch, their latest IP to take the world by storm, is the talk of the gaming community this year. This insanely explosive FPS…

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The Battle.net Nexus Challenge Gets You the Overwatch Genji Oni Skin! Here’s How!

Battle.net has issued the Nexus Challenge for players all around the world! Between November 15th and January 4th, anyone can do it and receive all sorts of sweet in-game rewards…

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