Telltale Games Restructuring Lays Off Nearly 25 Percent Of Workforce

Telltale Games restructuring

The company behind Batman, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones episodic games dropped nearly 25% of their staff in a move to make the company more competitive. The Telltale Games restructuring is said to impact every division, seeing 90 employees cut from the team. Pete Hawley, CEO of Telltale, had this to say about the significant cut:

Our industry has shifted in tremendous ways over the past few years. The realities of the environment we face moving forward demand we evolve, as well, reorienting our organization with a focus on delivering fewer, better games with a smaller team.”

The hope, according to a press release from the company, is that this decision will make the developer and publisher more competitive in story-driven gaming. Little is offered about the driving factors behind the Telltale Games restructuring, however, the company is confident that current projects will not be affected by it.

From what was offered about the Telltale Games restructuring it seems that they are hoping to, among other things, address criticisms about the use of aging technology. The plan here is to use the shift to “fast-track innovation” as they work to bring fresh games to a new audience. This gives the impression that the company may have a new focus moving forward as they reduce the number of titles they release. Whether that means a change in the kinds of games they offer, or a stronger focus on fewer titles remains to be seen.

Wolf Among Us sequel

Overall, Hawley expressed that Telltale had deep respect for those that contributed to the company and commended the employees they released on their talent and hard work. He expressed that the release of those employees in no way reflected on their work or character. Whether or not the change will make the company more competitive remains to be seen, but this move could be an indicator of a larger shift within the industry. We’ll let you know when we do.

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