An Xbox One Slim Turned into a Laptop Thanks to One Creative Modder (VIDEO)

Gamers – we can get really creative sometimes and this is especially true for those who put time into the craft of modification, or “modding”. This particular modder took the already successful Xbox One Slim “S” and rose it to another level of epic usefulness: he transformed it into a laptop.

Ben Hack, the modder behind this deconstruction, took the incredibily powerful Slim and made it a little more portable, despite the already slimmer design. Introduction the Xbox One Slim Laptop:

You can see the full video over at the Ben Heck Show here to see him break it down IRL and the process behind this modification. In the video, Heck talks about the impulse that drove him to take apart the system in the first place and his reasonings behind turning it into a portable computer. He details the process of deconstruction and reconstruction and the transformation into an even more powerful system utilizing a 1080p LCD screen and other various components.

Heck does an amazing job showcasing that this mod is more than just something aesthetic, he proves that it completely functional with his gaming demo and video highlights. It’s not 4K capable, but that doesn’t limit this laptop’s completely impressive qualities. The functionality, the sleekness, and the overall design are more than enough to make an Xbox One fan giddy.

A portable gaming experience is something that has always been a field of interest and the Nintendo Switch is certainly bringing that thought to light in a more realistic way. There are, of course, ways to game on the go with a full console – but it is often clunky, overbearing, and a less than impressive set up:

There are tons of amazing ways to utilize modification to increase the player experience. Below are just a few of the different ways this is done, both with hardware and software. So what are your thoughts on the portable Xbox One Slim laptop? Is that something that would thrive in today’s gaming market – or would it be a total bust for gamers on the go? Sound off with your thoughts in the comments below and tell us what you think.

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